Flower Power: 3 Creative Ways to adopt the floral trend

Floral prints can definitely put us in a good mood!  Flowers are a timeless trend – they’re available during all four seasons and in all sorts of colors. But you need to know how to wear them, fashion-wise. Don’t worry, whether you are beginner or a know-it-all fashionista, we’ll explain how to flaunt those florals with ease.

Get Creative with Accessories

Not entirely convinced that floral is for you? No worries – there are plenty of fun ways to integrate this summery trend into your look. Little floral accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to wear the trend without breaking the bank.

They come in all shapes and sizes. How about a belt with touches of floral, or maybe a handbag adorned in elegant, delicate flowers? These are great ways to try out the trend without fully committing and spending too much money. One tip though – make sure that the flowers are not too garish or eye-catching for it to match with a variety of different items in your closet

Make sure you get a great, floral maxi dress to wear now through Fall.

Layer with a tailored leather jacket if the weather hasn’t warmed up enough for you. Then shed that jacket for summer and wear bright, tassel earrings and a fabulous gold necklace to make the ensemble pop. All your favorite summer shoes will pair nicely with this pale pink floral pattern, but once chilly weather comes back at us, grab a nice open-toe bootie and put that leather jacket back on to pull this look into fall

Mix and Match Fabrics

Wool and silk, velvet and chiffon, cotton and leather…fall is the season to match opposite fabrics into fabulous creative outfits. Maybe it’s the unpredictable weather, but the in-between temperatures have become the ideal time to play with different textures and style combinations.

This Fall, take advantage of all the fabulous floral prints out there and use them to spice up your wardrobe. With so many ways to wear them, each piece is sure to be a flavorful staple in your closet season after season! And you can always count on a great pair of sunglasses to go with all of your new favorite floral ensembles!

What do you think of those outfits? Any maxi dress that caught your eye? Do you wear maxi dresses very often? Or just once in a while.



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