6 Online Stores to Score Designer Bags Without Going Broke

These are the ways in which I save money and how I do it in order to purchase a designer item that I’ve been wanting. Obviously if it’s quite expensive (like my Gucci or Chanel) then it takes me a good few months to get there, but it’s a great sense of achievement when I do! I usually limit myself to 5 bags per year and make sure I definitely want the item before I commit to saving for it. I know a lot of you ladies that adore fashion will be quite similar, saving money in other aspects of your life, so I would love to hear some of the tips that you have in order to afford your designers pieces! 

What to look for: If there’s a specific style you’re after, you can track its price to find the most competitive deal before making the investment. When you’re browsing, the site’s filters let you see all available stock tailored to your exact specifications in color, price, condition, and more.

When to shop: Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best times to shop the site’s latest updates and new additions, just after new merchandise drops and the team finishes their website updates.

What’s popular: Classic designers like Gucci, Loewe, and Prada are among the most consistent top-sellers on Fashionphile. However, the site uses customer search analytics and sales data to identify up-and-coming designers and styles. J.W. Anderson and STAUD are two contemporary labels for trend-conscious shoppers to note.


What they do best: The RealReal lists thousands of new consignment arrivals every day. Their resale prices take both the bag’s condition and relevance into consideration before expertly-assessing list prices. Competitive price-setting is part of their strategy to ensure stock rarely sticks around long enough to go on sale.

What to look for: Gucci, Prada, and Off-White are the top 2019 handbag trends so far. You’ll find everything from couture classics to the street style staples here.

When to shop: Updated at both 7 am and 4 pm PST daily, the consignment retailer is always listing resale bags at head-turning prices. You’ll want to act quickly, though, as trending styles of contemporary labels tend to get scooped up quicker than your average Louis.

What’s popular: “Our two with staying power are always Hermes and Louis Vuitton,” says Sasha Skoda, women’s category director at The RealReal. “Over the past couple of years, we have seen the demand for Gucci skyrocket to being the number one top searched designer on the site.” As an alternative to the luxury market, she names Danse Lente and STAUD as two notable contemporary names to shop.


What they do best: “eBay’s breadth of inventory reflects everything from the latest trends to the hard-to-find,” says Renee Paradise, senior director of fashion at eBay. You can bid on everything from clutches to totes via third-party sellers at the popular online marketplace, where sales data reveal a handbag is purchased every six seconds. eBay is fab for finding new, rare, and vintage bags using broader search terms and saved searches.

What to look for: The site’s vetted section of authenticated luxury handbags protects you from purchasing fakes. You can find special sale events which have, in the past, included deals with fashion houses including Prada, Burberry, and Fendi, offering a limited stock of in-season styles for up to 30 percent off.

Designer shopping outlets are a great place to be! You can save so much money! If you don’t mind having factory seconds or out of season items, you’re winning! I’ve often made many a trip and call to outlets before when I’ve been searching for a bag that I just couldn’t find anywhere. I seem to have a habit of always wanting the pieces that are no longer available! It’s a huge list, and the prices are pretty discounted compared to retail. If you can’t make it to actual shopping centers though, there’s places online like The Outnet and Yoox.



What to look for: Expect to see authentic styles of handbags that are priced competitively from the get-go, without any future price-drops or fluctuations. If you don’t see a style you’re looking for, you can request stock in a particular model by adding it to your wish list.

When to shop: Without specific drop days or scheduled times, you can spot new styles at any time. Because Rebag never discounts their buys, the need for price-tracking is eliminated altogether. But if you add a sold-out bag to your wish list, their buyers are alerted to begin scouring the resale market per your specific request.

This may sound obvious, but being savvy with discounts and sales is one of the best ways. Some designer brands that you are saving for can be bought online, and will go in the sale, for example: Valentino, Chanel, Chloe, Gucci, Saint Laurent etc., while other designers don’t. If you think the item you want is likely to not be that popular and enter the end of season sale, it’s worth waiting. I know a lot of ladies don’t like to buy seasonal pieces at retail value. The best way to do this is to always be ready! The summer sales start in June and the winter sales start in December/January. Keep the tabs open on your browser of the item you want and check it each day to see if the price has dropped.



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