Talaudyong Pakpak Lauin Beach Resort Tour: Palawan Philippines

Perfect getaway and road tripping

Talaudyong is 6/7 km after Nagtabon beach. The road is being cemented. It’s quite nice to ride a motorbike there. It’s a fisherman’s village. You can buy your fish directly from the boats. The water is clear and calm. And the beach is a long stretch. Another perfect day to live the first day of your new life…

The resort is called Pakpak Lawin. You need to rent a day van for 3000 pesos to get to this beach. You also have to bring your own food. The resort is still under construction. The restrooms and shower rooms are satisfactory. The beach is a secluded area. We went on a weekday. Very few tourists. We practically had the beach to our own. Tents with table and chairs are 250 pesos. The entrance fee is 150 pesos. Nice and clean beach. This place is not easy to visit especially if you don’t have a car or motorbike but yeah it’s the perfect place to visit and worth going here. Less crowded and the beach is pristine and the sand is white & fine.



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