Monochrome blue coat and Denim shirt

 Monochrome Blue 

This season I’m seeing lots of bold colors, feature collars and generally fun pieces that can really finish off an outfit. As a strawberry shaped lady, you can emphasize your slim waist and hips with this Turk Jemma Shawl Collar Wool Coat from Dillards with a beautiful belted coat, details around the waist like buttons and pockets and long lined jackets. Go for classic shapes without too much fuss or detailing up by the shoulders so the eye is drawn to your waist and hips. I pulled out some styles for each body shape so there’s something for everybody!



Apple Shaped ladies– Go for a structured style and have fun with color and designs. A V-shaped neckline will flatter the bust and elongate. Look for details like pockets or buttons to add interest and go for a longer length that will skim over the waist and hips.

Hourglasses Shaped ladies: Go for styles that draw attention to your fabulous little waist! Anything belted is going to do this job beautifully. You can go for biker jackets, duster coats or more traditional belted trenches. if you have a fuller bust avoid the higher necklines as these will add bulk to you.
Pear-shaped ladies: As a pear, you can really have fun with coats and jackets. Go for detail, it could be an oversized collar, beautifully embellishment or a bold statement color. Aim to get lengths that sit on and show off your lovely little waist. 


Review: I was amazed when I took this coat out of the box.. it is beyond beautiful. This coat from Dillards (Permanently Reduced Orig. $499.00 Now$174.65) is very soft and lightweight but slightly oversized. The sleeves are long but can be easily turned up. The color was lovely. I highly recommend!
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Len Parent

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