What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Outfits for Going Out / Glitter Guide

Valentine’s Day is this weekend which means it’s that time of the year to pull out all of the red and pink! If you have a hot date planned this holiday, here are some outfit ideas ( below) to help you get ready for the big night. 
I was so excited to share this Giovanna Gown from Dress the Population with you guys, I’m glad its not sold out yet. I was surprised since the dress is from Nordstrom & they sell out items so quickly. This dress fit incredibly and was so complimentary to my body type! I’m not someone who typically likes to wear anything tight but I liked the way the dress hugged my body but then flared out slightly at the bottom. I did wear a strapless bra and the stick on boobs to help give a little more shape to my chest. This dress would be perfect for Valentines day date with your hub. I highly recommend! Definitely check your local Nordstrom because this glitter dress still in stock.

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get romantic with your style. Whether you’re going out with your boyfriend, husband, partner, best friend, or just having a night in with Ryan Gosling and The Notebook, there is no reason you can’t get flirty with your V-day outfit! 

Do you know what you are wearing on Valentine’s Day? Let me know in a comment down below.

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