Top 5 fall and winter coats | the list

I’ve put together a list of my top five fall and winter coats. like shoes and bags, coats are investment pieces: there’s an upfront cost, but with a little maintenance, care, and attention to the weather, they’ll last you a lifetime. 

Top 5 fall and winter coats | the list

Leather moto jacket : Moto jackets are modern classics. I’ve showcased them extensively on the blog over the years. Moto jackets are extremely versatile. You can pair them with pants or jeans;  pumps or boots.  

Puffer jacket and vest: There are very few jackets I have featured on the blog as much as the puffer jacket. It’s hard to name a jacket, coat, or vest that you will get more use out of than a good puffer. Not only are they warm and can get you through those long, cold Northwestern nights, but they pair with just about anything and everything.

Overcoat:An overcoat is probably the most basic and the most essential coat to have in your winter closet. It’s a piece you can invest in once and will last you a lifetime.  (and something you can pass down to your kiddos too!) 

Statement coat:Stand Studio statement coat says you and only you.  Whether it’s a bright color or colors, animal print, or a totally fun and unique pattern, it’s your chance to shine, even in the depths of a long, cold winter. 

The Orolay Thickened Down Jacket: has a flattering cut at the ends of the arms, beautiful zipper accents and a slimming look that’ll keep you warm without feeling clunky. Plus, it has an extensive size range.


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