The Perfect Delicate and Playful Tulle Ruffle Dress

This tulle dress is every girly girl’s dream. I have always loved things that are feminine and girly so when I got this beauty months ago. I knew that it was such a special piece that will hang in my closet forever. Not only is it a perfect lady-like length and the dreamiest fabric but I cannot tell you how well it twirls (trust me on this). There’s an almost instant reaction when you slip into something made of tulle. Your walk becomes more of a float. You might even have the urge to twirl, and we don’t blame you. That’s the kind of feeling the stiff-yet-delicate fabric evokes. Naturally, it’s a common choice for many wedding dresses, but it’s worth exploring tulle options for your bridal party, as well. A few of our most sought-after places to shop these twirl-friendly gowns include Anthropologie, Nothing Fits But, Revolve, and Needle & Thread.

Tulle bridesmaid dresses work great for any wedding with an ethereal and super-romantic theme, but they’re not strictly limited to that aesthetic either. Styling choices can also make tulle pieces look a bit more pared-back, modern, or grounded. That said if you’re all about that floating feeling, more power to you.

For today’s look, I’m wearing the jaw-dropping pink tulle dress from Nothing Fits But and its very airy and soft, this pretty little number is the epitome of romantic elegance. The bright pink hue is the sweetest match to this textured tulle dress. Featuring a dramatic ruffled skirt, and the beautiful off-the-shoulder look, there’s simply nothing not to love.

Len Parent

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