Roozengaarde Tulip Field in Mt. Vernon Washington

A few weeks ago my sister and I ( + my Four kiddos) visited the Roozengaarde Tulip Field in Mt Vernon, Washington, and you guys may have seen my Instagram posts! It was unreal in person and so dreamy we did NOT EXPECT it! Also, we were so lucky because we debated for a long time whether we should go 2 days or 1, and finally decided on 2! The first day we got there and it was super windy, cold, and cloudy! The second day ended up being completely perfect, bright, with little to no wind, and warm. Granted, the second day was a Saturday and we were really trying to avoid going on the weekend! So, of course, it was SUPER busy. 
The tulip festival is actually really fun, and they have all kinds of goodies! You can buy cut tulips that have yet to completely bloom, and even pack them in your suitcase for a few hours if you have to fly home. They have food vendors and games for all ages! Mostly everyone seems to go just to take photos with the tulips but if you have kids or just want to rest (since there is a lot of walking around giant tulip fields) there are other places to hang out! 

While we were shooting, a woman near us commented that my dress was “the most beautiful dress in the Spring” hehe… isn’t that cute? I do agree this dress is so gorgeous. It would make a great graduation dress or wedding guest dress (and it’s only $394!)! I do think it runs a bit small, so I believe I could have sized up one size and it would have fit better.


Len Parent

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