Lots of fun on the River Walk!

Lots of fun on the River Walk!

“Other than The Alamo, This is San Antonio”

I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my loved ones, and at least once a year we get together for a formal “ladies”photograph. I had the best time with my family! Can’t wait for next time! Anyway, there is so much to see and do in San Antonio River walk. This is more than a river. It’s a river walk! They have everything on here. Restaurants, Bars, even mall! Being a Texan, we have been here several times and always enjoy it. What impressed me the most was how the beauty of the trees and the river are intertwined.  We were able to take the river walk boat tour which was terrific. The tour guide was awesome he didn’t rush through the tour like most of the other guides.  The night was beautiful and busy. So many different things to see and do. Would take this idea back home if I could. Haha!!! Lovely walk along the river, especially at night when it cools down. Always a great experience on the river walk. Great food and drinks as well as great shopping for arts and crafts souvenirs. Here are some of my favorite photos. It was a wonderful time had by all! Happy Labor day weekend, lovelies! 🙂






50 I really didn’t get a chance to take a picture of a boat tour. So here’s what it look like. ( Image source)

bougainvillea-plant_20 (1)















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