Italian Fashion Pieces You Need to Complete Your Wardrobe

When the world thinks of fashion, they think of Italy. There are few places on earth where workmanship and style collide to produce fashion goods of such high and stylish quality as Italy, bearing the heat of the Mediterranean sun with style. Here are some Italian wardrobe essentials to spice up your wardrobe and help you feel like a Milanese fashion star this summer. Anything with feathers

Anything with feathers

In Italy, the fashion world is falling for the flutter of feathers. Adding a flash of uniqueness to your look, incorporating feathered clothing, shoes or accessories into your wardrobe is the perfect way to bring a bold Italian flourish to each step you take down the street.

Quality Leather Bag

Italy has always been internationally renowned for its craftsmanship and leather working as much as its style, making a quality leather bag a must-have accessory to complement your out#t! With small artisan brands like Mirta producing unique Italian leather purses, finding hidden secrets and beauty with great heritage has never been easier.

A Dramatic Jacket

If you are looking for outerwear influenced by the fashionable melting pot of the Milanese streets, you’ll find most coats and jackets to be big and bold! Outerwear can be the dramatic focus of a look out in the streets of Milan, so don’t be surprised to come across long camel and fur coats, or vibrantly patterned jackets.

High Heels

With the women of Italy often tending to be on the shorter side, high heels have become an essential part of the wardrobe, with the high-heeled women of Italy confidently tackling the cobbles with ease. Though kitten heels can be an option to aid comfort, an authentic Milanese look would incorporate a pair of audacious stilettos!

A Silk Scarf

A silk scarf is the perfect accessory to add that final touch to an Italian look. Intricately designed and executed, whether you are looking for logos or patterns, Italian silk scarfs come in an endless variety of colors and sizes, simple and complex, to match the boldness and craftsmanship of the rest of your outfit! You’re vespa awaits! Though the French may foster their own Parisian elegance, and the streets of

London may be a wave of unique and disparate styles, the Italians themselves cultivate that striking sense of dramatic and bold aplomb. With innovative designs, and the history and heritage to back it up, any clothing or accessories that comes from the master designers of Italy are bound to make a dramatic and stylish impression with their striking beauty
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