How to wear a red Fur coat

On gloomy days, all we need is a pop of color to brighten up the mood. It actually works, and that’s why I really enjoy wearing red clothes at the moment. Spring still hasn’t arrived in the US, and it just snowed last week. I am a summer girl, and I get in a really bad mood when it is cold and dark outside. 

Red is one of my favorite colors and I never had a lot of red clothes – until recently. I browsed through several online shops and looked for red clothes to brighten up my wardrobe, my pictures, and my mood. And I found plenty of them since red is one of the trend colors this spring/summer season. I got a few spring styles in red, but also a very nice red coat, which I want to talk about in today’s post.

Combining a red coat with an all-black look

I have to admit; a red coat isn’t the piece of clothing most people would expect me to wear. I usually wear pink, blue, black or printed. But as I mentioned before, red is one of my favorite colors! And why not wear red, especially when it is a great wear to add some color to a gloomy day?!


Len Parent

“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” —Alicia Keys

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