GB Veronica Printed Shirt Midi Dress


Denver brews more beer than any other city in the country, so it’s no surprise the bar scene is jumpinh-almost to the point that you’ll contemplate staging an intervention for the entire city. Watering holes abound in the LoDO District just blocks from the Curtis. Grab a frosty Obamanator Mailbock Larger (or three) at the Wynkoop Brewery then head to the living room-size El Chapultepec for cold beer, sketchy Mexican food and arguably the best jazz in Colorado.

Gianni Bini Veronica Printed Shirt Midi Dress

Obsessed with this dress! This is so perfect for summer. It’s beautiful made-the colors, patterns, style is amazing. The tropical palm print is so popular lately, I’m so happy to have this dress in my closet! This dress gives me such a beachy vacation vibe and makes me want to book a trip asap! Love that the front sides are higher, shows off the legs  but still gives a maxi dress feel. Absolutely love!

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