Everything You Need to Know About Amazon The Drop Collections

What is The Drop?

The Drop is your inside source for style inspiration from global influencers. Shop limited-edition collections from your favorite, or soon to be favorite, style icons. Discover emerging trends and take style cues from those in the know.
Essentially, Amazon teams up influencers from around the world (New York, Paris, Tokyo etc.) to design a line of clothes that is only available for purchase for 30 hours on Amazon. Once the 30 hours are up, or if the clothes sell out first, the clothing line is gone forever. Meaning, the clothes won’t be restocked again. The reason the collections can be sold out before the 30 hours is because Amazon only stocks a certain amount of fabric to make these clothes. The clothes are produced after the 30 hours are up to ensure there is no waste. Since the clothes are made on demand, there is a 3-4 week delivery date depending on where you are located.

How does The Drop actually work?

Prior to the actual release date of each influencer’s The Drop collection, the influencer and Amazon will release everything you need to know about the collection on Instagram. This information includes the actual release date of the collection, photos of the entire clothing line including price point, sizing (XXS – 3XL), material of the clothes etc. Amazon tends to do a Q&A the day before the collection drops on their Instagram account. There is a catch to this though – they do not tell you what time the collection drops so you have to sign up for text message alerts that will let you know once the collection drops.


How long is a collection available?

Trends move fast. The Drop does, too. Each collection is live for 30 hours or less because fabrics are limited. They make each piece only when you order it to reduce waste.

Do the influencers actually design the collection?

Absolutely! The fashion influencers design their collections with guidance from industry professionals.

OK, lets shop!

You can shop via this link or by searching “The Drop” on Amazon. At first, I found navigating The Drop a little bit confusing, but I got the hang of it eventually. There are 3 sections to The Drop page:

  • Staples by The Drop – items that are available all year round. I noticed influencers will pair Staples such as shoes and purses with their clothing
  • Upcoming Influencers – this is pretty self explanatory and this is how I discover new influencers to follow. I usually check out influencers with upcoming collections on Instagram to see if their style is something that interests me.

Sizing: Amazon the Drop runs very true to size. I am wearing a medium in everything. The fit on everything is pretty loose, and was designed to be that way. I could probably have sized down to a small in the tops and dresses but prefer the looser cut. If you want a less flowy look, size down!

Happy Shopping! Have a wonderful day!

Created in partnership with Amazon Fashion; photography by TSP.

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