Best winter coats on Amazon (All Under $200)

Coat season is upon us, and if you haven’t already nabbed yourself a cozy winter topper, then you’ve come to the right place! Not to sound like a broken record, but a coat is one of the most important items you can buy in winter—protecting you from the elements and serving as your most stylish layer.

Amazon has been a surprising winner in the coat department. As I went down a rabbit hole on their site while gift shopping I couldn’t help but add a handful of comfy and cool coats to my shopping cart. From a cozy teddy coat to a practical puffer, below I wanted to share the four styles that made the cut—along with some other of my absolute favorites. The best part is that they all clock in at under $200. Take a peek below and stay warm in style this winter.


We had an exceptionally cold winter season here in Texas, usually January and February have been pretty warm already but it’s different this year. I’ve definitely had  to break out the winter boots, a cozy sweater, and the puffer coat to ward off the chill. When the weather is mild I will wear a simple wool jacket over whatever I am wearing. However, for serious cold weather, thick layers (and lots of them) are the key to staying warm. It can be hard to find thick, warm layers that are feminine and stylish. But by picking complementary colors and adding a few accessories, even the thickest, most utilitarian puffer coat can look stylish. 

This coat is a good length – it goes just beyond the knee to cover you where you really need it. But it isn’t too long that you are tripping over it. I am wearing the brown color, but I also got this coat for my daughter in a pink color, and she wears it every day! As you could see we’re twinning here. This coat is definitely true to size. I am wearing my typical XS and it fits perfectly. 


So what is your favorite way to stay warm this winter? I would love it if you could leave a note in the comments!

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