Adeline’s 11 Month Old Baby Update!

Guys, my baby is 11 months old and I literally cannot even remember how she got to be so big! I was at the mall the other day and there were SO MANY BABIES! The funny thing is that I just couldn’t remember Adeline being that small or helpless.  It was only a few short months ago that she couldn’t even lift her head off the ground, and now my little princess is almost walking. How is it possible that you are turning 1 in a few short weeks? I am just so enamored with watching you eat and process and do ALL the things right now. It is so cute to watch you wiggle your feet. To see you grab food by the fist full or keep practicing your pincer grip makes me so proud!

I love how you pull up on everything right now, including my legs. You love to crawl up to me and climb up my stomach to let me know you do indeed want to be held and not be on the ground. But, you are VERY often wanting the opposite and are SO wiggly when I’m holding you. You are always wanting to be down and exploring everything, putting anything you can find in your mouth, and trying to pull the curtains down. Bless it.

Your daddy gives me a hard time because you’ll be perfectly content in the living room but then you see me walk by and start fussing because I’m not over there hanging out with you guys and/or holding you. You have 0 teeth on the upper and 2 on the lower, wow! You’ve really been breaking them through in the past month or so which probably explains why we’ve heard you fussing in the night some.


It makes me so emotional to think about you turning one on April 2nd, I love it that you’re still on breastfeeding, and just all the emotions of having you no longer be a newborn. You are so stinking cute, have the best disposition, and love hard on the people who you love and trust. We can’t believe you are just as chill of a baby as Tabitha was. Here’s hoping you really grow to love hard and become your own unique little self, baby girl. You are SO special to us. It warms my heart so very much to see your big sister Tabitha want to hug you or “match you” or do things together. We hope you two will always be the best of friends.

You are PRECIOUS, little girl! We adore you and your rolly self so very much. I just want to soak in every little bit of you right now!

XOXO and so much love,



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