A new obsession. The Tulle SKIRT.

Gingham Tie Front Blouse similar style (HERE) / CHICWISH Love Me More Layered Tulle Skirt in Black / Kate Spade Ivory / dark gray gradient (0SZJ/9O) / The Fix Pink Bow heels no longer available similar style (HERE)

Just a few months ago I saw women of all ages and styles do this wedding trend, like there was no tomorrow. Why wait? Or why not repeat the fashion statement like freaking wedding hysteria?
Okay, let’s stick to today’s post. (why the hell do I keep rambling, I don’t know.) I’m obsessing over an item. The TULLE SKIRT. This Ruffle skirt from Chicwish scream Spring to me. These sartorial explorers have taken the tutu right out of the ballet room and brought it on the streets. Whaaaat? Credit I do give them, but seriously now? I never would have thought this skirt trend would stick as much as its predecessor did. Or, wait. We could give the credits for this one to the one and only, drumrolls… Carrie Bradshow.

And so the tulle skirt is back. And I kinda love it. It’s retro. Feminine. Girly. Incredibly chic and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure you might look like a pretty overly decorated cake or those massive ice-creams I keep obsessing about (gotta treat myself to one asap.), but dayum! the overall tulle skirt look rocks. Especially with some hot heels and a cute gingham top. Gorgeous!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a fabulous week ahead!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Chicwish. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Len Parent

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