8 Dresses Styles To Wear This Summer

If clothes had a Beauty Pageant Contest my money would be on DRESSES. Just think about it: Are they not the one piece we always go to when we wanna be headache-free style wise? Unlike jeans or tops or skirts, which all require a pairing item, dresses… you just need to slap ’em a pair of shoes and a bag, and finito! Also, they go in any season and for any occasion.

But thank God there is no such contest, otherwise we’d probably end up in marshmallows, cupcakes and candies, and I’m not talking sweets, but dresses so sweet it’d either make normal people throw up, or 40 year old women who’d wear them look well… ridiculous. And that’s a very nice way of putting it. 


1. MAXI DRESSES. The perfect style for all girls with all styles, this dress we must own and wear all throughout summer on: holidays, casual outfits, evenings… It’s so body forgiving and soooooo stylish it’s definitely a must. Also, incredibly versatile as it comes in so many colors, prints, cuts it’s a heaven.  

2. BUTTON UP DRESS . These are pretty yet sporty dresses which are more on the “cool” side, you can also pair up these dresses with casual shoes to make it look cooler. These dresses have buttons from top to bottom, you’ll also witness the same trend among skirts as it went pretty viral. They look pretty chic and trendy and can be worn for almost any occasion.

3. BEACH SUMMER DRESSES. No summer is EVER complete without these, and the more color wild, printed, white, and short they are the better. I love these in thin straps, neon crazy shades, cutouts, with a bit of a frill to them. AND some of these styles can easilty translate to casual daytime, and even cocktails on the beach for evening. 


4. FLORAL SUMMER DRESSES. The definition of summer lies in these colored flowers-exploded-on-your-dress style. They’re great for work, for laid back feminine looks, for weekends, for events… It’s usually the go-to piece of summer that every girls should own.

5. MINI DRESSES. The one version of the dress that will never be out of fashion cause we all love showing a bit of hotness every now and then. Besides, today they come in so many toned-down-sexy-styles that rocking a mini dress can be quite a girly outfit. It’s all about the shoes and the attitude. They remain still the perfect go-to piece for a night out dancing. 

6. Printed Boho Tunic. Flowy, bohemian dresses in Indian inspired prints are one of my summer staples. It’s impossible to not look chic in one! I had this dress made bespoke after a vintage ’70s pattern. The light, printed cotton is perfect for warmer weather.”


7. HIGH LOW DRESSES. High low dresses are the ones which are longer from the back and a little shorter from the front which looks super stunning when styled properly with vibrant accessories. It’s been an old trend but it never goes out of fashion as it’s a unique one. Get one for yourself this summer too!

8. GOING OUT DRESSES. Do not kill me for what I’m about to say right now but… I don’t really believe in going out dresses per se. I mean I always think any dress is perfect for going out, especially one you’d not normally wear on an evening occasion, IF you accessorize it appropriately, wear stilettos and have great hair and makeup on. Of course unless you’re going to weddings, cocktails or black tie events. Then you need a proper gown or cocktail dress. But on summer nights when you’re planning drinks and dinner with friends, or going dancing… the best choice I’d say is one of the dresses above worn with a twist. You’ll look way more sophisticated and effortless. 


Len Parent

“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” —Alicia Keys

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