6 Figure Flattering Ways to Wear Bodycon Dresses

Ladies, at some point or the other we’ve been green with envy over Kim Kardashian’s glamorous body-hugging dresses but have shied away almost instantly when it comes to slipping one on ourselves. Bodycon dresses are everywhere and people believe that these tight dresses are simply not for everyone. Contrary to that belief, to look and feel like a diva one must master the art of wearing a bodycon dress. They add certain oomph to your current closet and wearing them with confidence will only up the allure. Here are some figure-flattering ways to wear a bodycon for all those lovely ladies out there to wear them with ease. Let’s look!

1. Layering Is Key

You’re here because you’ve questioned how to style a bodycon dress and layering is the answer you didn’t know you needed. To save you from the self-consciousness of wearing a form-fitting dress, throwing on an additional layer is a perfect illusion. A loose cardigan, a flowy cape, or even a denim jacket make superb additions to your outfit. Experiment with both long and short layers over your fitted dress. For a polished look, why not add a well-cut blazer to your ensemble which is also office appropriate?

2. Avoid Flats
A bodycon dress is the epitome of glamour and pairing it with flats will leave much to be desired from your look. Some fashionistas believe it is a cardinal sin! Take your look to the next level by pairing it with heels which will elongate your frame and make your silhouette appear slimmer. Pick what is most comfortable, the choice is yours from wedges to pumps or even stilettos. This added height will be to your advantage and is sure to add a certain degree of confidence. Low wedges and comfortable platforms are also a good options.

3. Opt For Thicker Fabrics

While purchasing a bodycon dress, avoid thin flimsy materials like jerseys which will not only cling to your body but also accentuate and exaggerate wrong areas. Ensure that you choose a dress made with a thicker material that won’t accentuate supposed problem areas. Detailing like ribbed and paneling add personality to the dress and give it a neater and more structured look. Your best bet is to go with thick fabric for a flattering look!

4. Don’t Be Shy
Confidence is sexy, it’s your best accessory. Being self-conscious, tugging at your hemline constantly, crossing your arms in front of you – it’s all going to kill the look. Flaunt what you got, hold your head high, and rock the look with confidence – and no one will be able to fault you. Trust me, confidence wins all in our guide on how to wear a bodycon dress.
5. Cinch The Waist
The first question that would’ve popped into your mind is why we must cinch the waist in a dress that is already figure-hugging. If the bodycon dress is already revealing a little more than you are comfortable with then cinching the waist will come to your rescue. A belt is a great idea, but you can also wrap a contrasting bandana in a myriad of colors and patterns around your waist. Your unique style is sure to come through.

6.  Make Shapewear Your Best Friend
Goodbye, flab! Investing in premium shapewear will not only enhance and bring out the shape of your body but also hide away any surplus flab. Shapewear is a blessing in disguise and there is no shame in taking a little extra help to make you look and feel better. To smoothen bulges, flatten a not-so-flat tummy, conceal panty lines and make your overall feel fantastic one must wear shaping underwear. This style essential is a great answer to the question of how to wear bodycon dresses

How To Pose In A Bodycon Dress

There are a lot of poses that you can try when you’ve donned your bodycon dress. However, do make sure that you ask the photographer to take a shot of the entire look, because you want to do total justice to your look, don’t you? To begin with, you can pose by keeping one foot slightly ahead of the other with a sideways glance to give a sultry look. And you can also give a side pose if you want to draw attention to certain parts of your body! As we’ve mentioned before, confidence is the key! Bodycon dresses will always be in fashion, for they can potentially bring out the best in you! So do use my styling tips to look your fabulous best the next time you wear a bodycon dress!


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“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” —Alicia Keys

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