5 Month Baby Adeline Update

I can’t believe how much my daughter, Adeline, has grown and changed over the past month. Her inquisitive and observational nature is really starting to shine. She studies everything so carefully!  It is such a joy for me to watch her learn and grow.

Adeline is turning into such a little ham, with a personality waaaaay bigger than she is! We are loving seeing her little spunk, and she is constantly making us laugh. I can only imagine what these next few months will be like – pure joy! She’s also been really discovering the world around her, grabbing and reaching for things she wants, following people around the room with her eyes, touching big brother David’s face when he played with her, and smiling at anyone who will smile back at her (most days). Her mega-smiles are enough to power a city for days, and I hope she always smiles as big as she does right now. Her giggles are absolutely hilarious, and when she starts squawking she sounds like a baby pterodactyl. Her thighs are getting bigger by the minute, and every time I stand her up or lay her down, I can’t help but pinch those squishy rolls, kiss her all over, and inhale her sweet baby smell! It’s full on baby madness over here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Breastfeeding continues to go smoothly (thank goodness!). Adeline dropped a feed towards the beginning of her 4th month, moving to 9 feeds total with 8 during the day and one during the night. She still likes to take her time at the breast, feeding on average for 30 minutes.  As she has become increasingly alert and aware of her surroundings, she is much more distracted, especially while eating. Long gone are the days when I can watch Netflix or catch up on IG stories while nursing.  I don’t mind just gazing at her sweet face instead, though.

Let’s get to her update!


  • Being tickled, she has the cutest “belly laugh” that’s more like a squeel she’s holding in
  • When she’s riding dads lap and sing * The lady ride* at the same time.
  • Tummy time and Bumbo time – but when she’s on her tummy it’s not long before she just rolls over
  • Looking at books, grabbing toys, looking at musical toys
  • “Chewing” on any small toy she can get in her mouth
  • Laying on her side to nap
  • “Flying” with dad, being stood up, sitting up on the counter or table in front of us (while being held of course)
  • Grabbing her paci and putting it in her mouth, I think she’s really proud of herself for this!
  • Being sung to – she really loves “The Wheels on the The Bus”.
  • Bathtime – she still LOVES baths and is splashing more and more
  • Her toes! She’s constantly pulling her legs up and putting her feet in her mouth.
  • Being outside! This girl lovvvves being outside and I’m so glad!
  • First time napping on the couch without any help
  • First time splashing in the bath – she’s basically outgrown her tub so this may be because she’s uncomfortable! (The splashing has really picked up this past week, so technically I guess she’s over 5 months old.)
  • First time sleeping on her side
  • First time rolling from back to front, though it’s still a work in progress. She hasn’t perfected it, and still gets stuck on her arm then gets frustrated. (She rolled over completely just this week! So again, a little over 5 months.)
  • First time in the stroller without the car seat

Still no teeth but we do seem to be in teething hell at the moment, constant dribbling and finger sucking, everything goes straight in the mouth. We are using some teething gels but not much is seeming to help. Tips welcome pretty please!
Adeline Emilia you bring joy and exhaustion into our lives! I know I am biased and have probably bored you all to pieces with this article but we are smitten and it’s nice to have this documented somewhere. My baby brain and memory are shocking at the moment and remembering what happens on a daily basis is a struggle!

Lets see what 6 months brings…

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  1. September 20, 2020 / 3:38 PM

    I can definitely feel the love for your bundle of joy and family! She is such a cutie – loving cared for – and you three are adorable in these beautiful dresses!


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