5 Fashion Items Worth Investing In This Summer

Everyone wants to save and look for good deals, but there are some items, especially fashion items, where it is worth spending the extra buck. Rather than purchasing different versions of the same item every summer, finding items that are of good quality, that suit your style, and that fit you well will make for better price per wear over time. The key is to invest in classic and high-quality pieces that you will love for years to come, rather than a trend expensive piece that you may only love for a season.

Here are 5 items that you should invest in this summer:

1. A beautiful watch

A beautiful watch brings attention to your wrist and class to your look, and it also a great piece to pass down as an heirloom. On sites like Pisa Orologeria for example, there are so many brands of luxury watches to choose from, so take your time to find the watch with the perfect watch face, strap, and movement for your taste and budget. To get the most use and longevity out of it, opt for a classic watch so it pairs well with just about everything.

2. A pair of distressed jeans

Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, and nothing screams summer more than a pair of distressed jeans with a cute, flowy top. You can dress them up or down and wear them with just about anything. They can stretch or lose shape over time, so investing in a pair for quality jeans ensures that it lasts longer and continues to fit you the way you want it to.

3. A beautiful bucket leather bag

A bucket bag has become the staple handbag of the summer and it will be something that you will constantly reach for. While it can be fun to have some trendy pieces in your collection, a classic and simple leather bag makes for a great investment because the style and the quality will stand the test of time, and you will be able to use it in the summers to come.

4. A pair of versatile and classic pumps

A pair of classic pumps that work with different looks and are easy to walk in are essential in the summer. When you’re not in the mood of wearing sandals, are the best alternative: from jeans and a tee to your favorite evening look- they work with anything. With a versatile color like a neutral for example, you’ll be able to get your price per wear out of the heels

5. Dark sunglasses

Dark sunglasses are chic, stylish, and practical. They pair well with basic looks and fashionable looks, and they will always be in fashion. Plus, they add a bit of mystery to any look- not to mention, they will protect your eyes from the bright summer sun.

Do you agree with these 5 investment pieces? What do you like to invest in?

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