5 Ultimate Guide to Twinning with your Daughters

Because twinning is winning, go for matchy-matchy looks with your little tot. After all, part of the joy of motherhood is to dress up a mini-me for double the fun and go on the cutest mother-daughter dates.

Nothing says adorable like matching mother-and-daughter outfits. Not only do you get to bring around a mini-me and have her inherit your effortlessly good style, you and your daughter get to truly feel like partners in crime.

Apparently twinning can be fun. A couple weeks back, Tabitha and I sported our matching button down maxi dresses from CHICWISH. I have to admit, maybe there’s something to the whole twinning mom and daughter thing. Tabitha thought it was pretty special and so how could I not love it? One day the thought of matching her Mom will be horrifying, so I better enjoy it now.

Confession: My daughter loves wearing dresses when she was around 5-7 years old, but now that she’s 10 years old she doesn’t wear dresses more often than she used to. But for my boys, they love matching and wearing similar outfits. Not just with each other, but with my hubby as well. It’s half cute half creepy, but I run with it. Betting on the hope that your kids like to match as well, or that they’re still young enough for you to force them into matching outfits.


IT’S NOT JUST DRESSING UP, IT’S BONDING : Foster team spirit by doing sports, activities and workshops together – and of course, foster good fashion sense with matching outfits.

CHOOSE A RIGHT STORE: The Children’s Place is one of my favorite stores for my girls’ clothing because the styles match exactly. Same patterns, same cut, just made for different sized kids. There are only a few styles that aren’t made in both baby and kid sizes, like their newborn line and a few accessories. But, for the most part you can shop in one size and then just pick up the corresponding size for the other child, which makes for an awesome shopping experience.

DRESS TO IMPRESS: Girls’ night out? Why not go for similar dresses and be the center of attention?
COLOR COORDINATE: Whether you have the exact same clothes or not, you can still mimic each other’s style with the same color combination.
And the final tip? DO’NT FORGET TO TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES: because they’re only at that age for a while, so you’ll want to make the memories last a lifetime!


If you are buying for a baby and an older kid, keep in mind that the baby will grow *so much faster* than the older child during the first few years. If you really, really love a matching style, buy two sizes for the younger child so you can enjoy matching for a much longer time. Trust me when I say that it’s a sad day when the little one grows out of a beloved piece of clothing that the older child still very much fits into and adores.

We learned this lesson the hard way and I started buying at least two different sized outfits for the little one whenever possible to keep up our matching outfits for baby, toddler or sibling.

What is your opinion on matching with your children?


Len Parent

“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” —Alicia Keys

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