10 Tips & Tricks to wear Mini Dresses when you are Petite

How To Dress When You Are Petite – What To Think About

Every girl wants to look impressive and attractive with a chic and debonair style of dressing up. Mini Dresses are super smart outfits that certainly add to the glamour quotient in your wardrobe.  All women desire to flaunt themselves wearing a Mini Dress. Mini dress is one of the most feminine outfits and a sure shot fashion statement where every girl wants to make. She undeniably wants to be a head-turner with a mini dress accouter on her.  However, one should consider a few and simple tips while wearing a mini dress.

These ideas also work well for those whose upper body is almost the same length as their lower body. In that case, the aim is to make the lower body appear longer so that you look like you have longer legs.

This is the ultimate guide for dressing when you are short or petite. Petite doesn’t necessarily mean small and slim. It simply means that you are 5′ 4” or below. You can be any size, which makes it even more important to keep your outfits in the right proportion.

 Tip#1 When you are short in height you will usually have the following objectives with your dressing:

*Appear longer, taller and leaner.

*Create a flattering silhouette (using the rule of thirds, so you don’t split your body in half)

*Avoid boxiness which will only make you look wider rather than taller.

Tip #2 How To Look Taller And Thinner.

Wear Heels: This is quite an obvious one of course. Another great trick, especially in the summer months when it’s too hot to wear stockings, is to choose nude color shoes. Nude shoes work with all colors and make your legs look longer, since a contrasting shoe color tends to interrupt your leg line. You probably know that heels work magic by adding height and improving your posture, giving you a taller, slimmer look. But many heels are uncomfortable to wear.

Look for deceptively comfortable heels. Brands like Sarah Jessica Parker make fashion-forward shoes with comfort touches like padding built in. I like my Loeffler Randall  Camellia Knot Sandals that are extremely comfortable and great for walking, yet still add some height. You don’t have to wear sky-high stilettos to streamline your look. 2-3″ of height can make a big difference. Some of the best everyday heels include:

*A Stacked Pump With A Thicker, More Stable Heel

*A Wedge Heel, Which Offers More Support And Stability 

*A Kitten Heel, With Just A Little Bit Of Height In A Sexy, Thin Heel Shape

 *A Heel With A Rubber Sole For Comfort And Impact Resistance


Tip #3 Be Smart With Belts

Belts are a great addition to your wardrobe. But besides being a great fashion accessory, a belt helps cinch the waist and add an hourglass shape to your body. The latest trend in Japanese-inspired Obi belts is the perfect slimming belt that cinches your waistline comfortably.

If you want to use a belt to look both taller and thinner, skip the contrasting belt and match the belt color to your pants or skirt—it will give the illusion that your legs are just a little longer.

For many petites your legs will be relatively short. To make those appear longer you can wear statement belt. This one is from Cult Gaia the Gemma leather and rattan belt. As your pants or skirt as this will make your legs look longer.

Tip #4 Get A Good Bra

You want to create as much space between your waist and your bust line as possible. Finding a great bra can be difficult on a logistical, and emotional, level. If you’re feeling frustrated on your quest for a bra, know that you’re not alone, or imagining things—sizing isn’t standard and varies by brand, and your two breasts can even be different volumes.


*Most of a bra’s support comes from the band, and as such, the band should be snug. You want a few fingers’ worth (half an inch or so) of room at the back. If you can stretch a band farther away from your body, try a smaller band size. Fit the bra initially on the loosest setting so that you can tighten the band as the material stretches over time.

*The band should sit parallel to the floor and not ride up. You can raise your hands above your head to check for fit here. If the band rides up, it may be too big, and if it feels uncomfortably tight, it could be too small.

*Straps should be reasonably snug, not digging in or falling off. For most bras, you can adjust the strap length accordingly using sliders or Velcro.

*Wires should not float off your chest, sit on the breasts, or dig into your sides. If they do, try a larger cup size.

Tip #5 Instead of midi skirts, try Minis.

Midi skirts can cut shorter legs in the wrong place. Opt instead for a miniskirt.

Tip #6 Instead of oversize handbags, try mini bags.

A smaller bag for a smaller person. It’s all about proportions. A petite bag as cute as you are.

 Tip #7 Instead of horizontal stripes, try vertical stripes.

Horizontal stripes typically give a widening illusion, while vertical stripes are elongating, so the latter is usually a go-to for shorter girls.

Tip #8 Wear A Hat With A Little Height

Wearing a hat can not only provide a style statement, giving you the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, but it can also draw the eye upwards, helping you to look taller.
Opt for a hat which has a little extra height on the crown.

Tip #9 Avoid Big Prints

If you’re trying to look taller and slimmer then it’s best to avoid big, busy prints as these can draw the eye across the body rather than up and down it, creating the opposite effect to the one you are aiming for.

Tip #10 Last but not the least, Improve Your Posture
I’m sure we’re all guilty of slouching or not paying attention to our posture during the day.

What Tricks Do You Use On The Days When You Want To Look Taller And Slimmer?

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Len Parent

“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” —Alicia Keys

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    These tips are so on point and actually effective. I really liked how you said it’s also important to work on your posture as well. Keep sharing such insightful articles.

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