11 Acts of Self Care For Overwhelmed Moms

Your clothing is being tugged for twelve hours a day, you have a child on your lap and your clothing is constantly stained with juice, dinner, or spilled milk from breakfast time. This is the average life of a busy mom, but you truly wouldn’t change it for the world. As stressful as it can be, it’s so rewarding to be a mom and watch your children grow up to be healthy and happy. Putting every ounce of energy and time into your children is completely normal, but it can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, fatigue, and burnout if you don’t take a little bit of time out for yourself now and again. Looking after ourselves as moms can feel like an impossible task, especially when there is so much going on at home all the time. However, this is your chance to take a few minutes each day to concentrate on your mental and physical health, so that you have more energy to put into your family. A mom who is well-taken care of is a happier and more patient person, so this is your sign to try some of the following ideas.

Eating Well

It may not directly seem like an act of self-care, but enjoying nutritious and wholesome foods is one of the best ways to take care of yourself as a busy mom. You may spend most of your time trying to figure out how to get vegetables into your little ones, but when was the last time you thought about yourself? Taking a little extra time to make yourself a yummy breakfast smoothie or cook your favorite dinner is definitely the perfect way to fulfill your health needs and enjoy a little bit of self-care too.

Beauty Treatments

Indulging in your favorite beauty treatment isn’t something you get to enjoy all too often, especially when you’re so busy with your family life. Sometimes a little extra care and attention to your skin, hair and nails can make you feel like a million dollars again. Whether you’re caring for combination hair or you’re booking a French manicure as a treat, there are so many ways to make yourself feel amazing without spending too much money. Even just a special hair mask on your dry hair can make you feel amazing about yourself in an instant.


Your idea of heaven would be sitting in a quiet corner in your home and immersing yourself into your brand new book. When you purchase new books you often joke to yourself that it will be months before you manage to read it because your children keep you so busy, and you’re not wrong! Carving out a little bit of extra time to do something that makes you feel truly happy, such as reading a book, is the perfect act of self-care that you can enjoy.


Believe it or not, exercise should not be seen as a form of punishment, nor should you use it as a method to lose weight or fit into today’s society. You should use exercise as an enjoyable tool to boost your mood and make yourself feel amazing. Many moms find that exercise is the perfect method of self care as it allows them to take time away from their busy day and focus on something that is good for them. Whether you enjoy an at home dance workout with an online tutorial, or you’d rather attend a hot yoga class, there are so many different forms of exercise for you to enjoy.

Solo Shopping

Imagine going out on a shopping trip without feeling pressured to rush or make it home for the ids’ dinner time before a meltdown occurs. For some moms, the idea of a solo shopping trip would be absolute heaven. You don’t have any tight deadlines to meet and you can simply stroll around your favorite shops without forgetting anything important. Nobody will ask you for snacks or need a bathroom break at an inappropriate time; the shopping trip will be everything you have always dreamt of.

Dinner With Friends

Enjoying some much-needed catch up time with your friends is something that every woman deserves now and again. Connecting with your old identity and nurturing the relationships that were so important to you before you had children will help you to feel a slice of normality once again. Kicking back with a group of your favorite people and indulging in a delicious dinner is something that every hard-working mother should be allowed to do every now and again!

Watching a Movie

Watching a movie from start to finish is something you never really get to do anymore. When you do have the chance to watch a movie you have always wanted to see, you end up getting too tired before the end or it gets interrupted by a little person who has woken up in the night. If you can sneak away to the movies and get a babysitter for the night this would be the perfect act of self-care. No interruptions and extra delicious snacks will also be available!

Working on a Passion Project

Perhaps you have always wanted to start your own business, or you’re passionate about a particular hobby. Allowing yourself some much needed time to work on these projects will help you to feel amazing and it will bring you closer to reaching your goals too.

A Night Alone

Sometimes moms don’t need to be surrounded by people in order to feel revitalized; they simply need to enjoy a night alone. Do whatever makes you happy, and go over the top with your self-care regime. A night on your own might be just what the doctor ordered!


The benefits of meditation are extremely wide-ranging, and it’s the perfect way to help you take care of yourself on even the busiest of days. Even if you don’t have too much time to yourself to do a full meditation, you can make a huge difference to your mood with just ten minutes a day. Follow a guided meditation on a trusted app and you will find it so easy to grab a quick bit of self care whenever time allows!


If you’re the type of person who tends to overthink, journaling is a great way to get all of your thoughts down onto paper without spending too much time on it. Instead of going to bed with a brain full of ideas, thoughts and stresses you can simply write them down in a dedicated notebook and your worries will soon start to feel much smaller. This is the perfect way to release any tension during stressful times or wind down your active brain before you settle down to sleep.

As you can see, there are a whole host of easy self care methods you can try out for yourself. Finding a spare minute during the day can be a tricky task, so it’s important to prioritize your self-care as if it were an appointment in your diary. Try to choose a time where you won’t be interrupted and you can solely focus on yourself. This might mean getting up a little bit earlier each day to do your meditation, or waiting until the children have gone to bed so you can do some gentle exercise. Hopefully, you can discover a self-care method that helps you to feel calm, relaxed and well taken care of so that you can head into the next day feeling refreshed and joyful again!


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