When it comes to shoes, you don’t have to feel guilty at Guilty Soles.

When it comes to shoes, you don’t have to feel guilty at Guilty Soles.

I have been searching for literally years for this style of shoe in a RED color, in size 6, and with a comfortable fit. These are of a lovely quality. The front strap is soft and nice on my slightly wide feet, and the heel is jus high enough for a little drama while still allowing me to walk. Looking forward to wearing these shoes at a few weddings this summer. Thanks to Guilty Soles!

Comfort and beauty, a winning combo! I was slightly worried because normally I like to wear new shoes for a couple of hours before a night out in them. I did not have the opportunity  with these shoes. I put them on in the car. Like I said, I am a size 6, they felt slightly big, I wasn’t worried because of the ankle strap, I knew they weren’t going anywhere. I finally stepped out of the car onto to the sidewalk and was amazed at the comfort just like the other one! While standing/ walking they did not feel big at all. Spent the entire night out with the hub and about all around Taos, NM. Walking, standing, sitting and walking some more. Kept them on all night until we got back to our hotel and my feet were not killing me. Red is so cute…. not too flashy, just the right amount of sassiness.

If you want comfortable sexy shoes to wear highly recommend Guilty Soles!! Check out their newest collection at www.guiltysoles.com

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Len Parent

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