There are times in the week when all I wanted is to put on a lipstick that would instantly make me look polished. A big bonus would be if I could reapply on the go without a mirror. Lo and behold the Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in Moment!
We all have our every day go to shade that goes with nearly everything – it just compliments our skin tone. This shade is very hydrating, I like to use this color on the outer parts of my lips and leave the inside a bit lighter for dimension.

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash – Moment

Again, I love this color. It’s my go-to neutral lipstick, one that is easy to wear with or without any other makeup present.

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash – Beat

Beat is my other favorite and one I plan to buy when I am done with the one I’m currently using right now. Sustainability for me also means wearing what I already own, so I will use up the sample to the last bit!

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash Amour

Amour is the most pigmented of my sample bunch. It’s a pinkish red (but way less pigmented than Rouge Coco Shine Monte Carlo). 

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash – Ultime

Ultime is a brownish red. A nice, easy to wear red that would elevate the look to be more formal. Maybe will make me forget that my reds need to be pigmented. On the other hand, I am not reaching out for this color enough so it will be some time until I purchase it.

Rouge Coco Flash vs Rouge Coco Shine

Since Rouge Coco Flash seemed to be replacing the Rouge Coco Shine, I feel compelled to compare.

The Flash is more moisturizing, less fragranced, with prettier packaging. It does feel like an improvement from Rouge Coco Shine. Still, I am missing some colors I love from Rouge Coco Shine. So if you really a hardcore fan of a color in Rouge Coco Shine and it’s not on the new line, you might want to get it.


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