NOIRANCA’s Vegan Leather Handbags Are beautiful AND Sustainable

Ladies, there’s a new vegan leather handbag brand in town that we can’t get enough of. The name? NOIRANCA. The game? Sustainable, vegan, low-impact, artisanally chic handbags that look as good on you as they do on the planet.
NOIRANCA’s vegan leather handbags are hand-crafted by the 30 artisans of a family atelier, who combine the brand’s supple vegan leather with avant-garde shapes. The result? Gorgeous, unique handbags that are 40% more durable than traditional leather while maintaining the same texture and quality of traditional leather.

NOIRANCA sent me their  MIRIAM – MISTY GREEN   handbag  and from the moment I unboxed it, I was in love. The bag was inspired by the shape of origami, the butter-soft vegan leather appliqués give MIRIAM multiple shapes – just as how versatile women are. They include a dustbag (take care of your luxury handbags, people!). The multifaceted bag can mold, and let the diamond-like angular edges elevates your aura.
Yes, this bag is elevated, physically and metaphorically — and you know what? I feel elevated when I tote in and out of shops, bars, and restaurants. It’s the kind of bag that’s unassuming enough that you may not notice it at first glance, but once it has your attention, you’ll be hard-pressed to let it go.

What do you think of NOIRANCA handbags? What’s your favorite vegan leather brand? Share your favorite sustainable fashion finds in the comments below! 


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