My collection of matching family PJs might be getting a little out of hand, lol. Probably because I generally don’t wear matchy stuff outside of the house (at least not head-to-toe) but we only wear our jammies at home anyway so I can be gloriously cheesy and be matchy-matchy basically all winter.

 I’m sharing some of our recent beloved Christmas pajamas with you all today.. one of my favorite things!  I pretty much live in my Christmas pjs from October through February every year.  As soon as it starts getting dark earlier I get excited to pull them out.  Cute, comfortable, warm and they remind me of the magic of the season.. what could be better? 🙂


Oh these pjs!  So soft!  More on the thin side and not as fuzzy as some which I love because sometimes fleece pjs get hot for me when I’m cleaning!  This is a new to me brand and I love them.  The only thing I will say is that the length runs on the short side!  Which I also love.  Because remember I’m 5’3 and a half (don’t forget the half).  Usually pj pants this style are in a puddle on the floor by my ankles so I love that these pants are the perfect length.  But if you’re ordering an xs and are taller than me they might be too short.  Just something to keep in mind!  They come in so many cute patterns.

If you’re just looking for kids, Lauren Conrad Collection has great options. Another popular brand for matching jammies is Hatley. We don’t own any ourselves but they have such a huge selection of jammies online, with lots of family matching options – definitely worth checking out.


Len Parent

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