Eshakti Custom Dress

Eshakti Custom Dress

Cotton Check Sash Tie dress c/o eShakti / White Sassey Two-Piece Fringe Sandals c/o Charlotte Russe ( no longer available) similar style (here) / Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick /  Celine Large Luggae Tote 

All of this is why I am so excited about today’s post. Have you heard of eShakti? They’re an online clothing company that offers sizes 0-36W, as well an array of custom sizes and styling options. They’ve been on my radar for about a year now. I love to shop. I truly do. I might even have an addiction that I just can’t quite shake. But the thing about shopping is driving to a store, going through racks and racks of clothes, and hoping/praying something fits you the way you want it to. Even if you shop online, the odds of something looking great on you aren’t necessarily the best. When I was contacted by eShakti, I was excited. I had wanted to work with this company. This company could completely change the way I felt about shopping for clothes. No more stores. No more lines. No more returning because everything can be customized to you. Not only will they take all of your measurements to make sure the dresses fit you to a tee, they let you add things like sleeves or extra length. Completely customizable? Yes, please! 

I’d like to talk about this review in two parts– a review of my experience with their company, and the dress itself. First of all, my communication with Jane Carter from their media relations was very pleasant. She was always very helpful, even as I took far too long picking out the item I wanted. I finally picked out a version of their COTTON CHECK SASH TIE DRESS  that I absolutely adored. I had my husband help me take my custom measurements, sent off my sample order form, and eagerly awaited saying that my order had shipped. 

My final verdict? I was very pleased with my eShakti experience. I definitely plan on ordering more items from them — once I’ve lost all this baby weight. I was happy with the quality of my dress, as well as the customer service. Interested in trying eShakti for yourself? They always seem to be having some type of a sale or special going on, but on top of that, If you sign up with eShakti you will get $30 OFF your first order! You can also check out eShakti on their Facebook, Pinterest, and of course my favorite, Instagram

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9s2a9759This post was brought to you through a collaboration with Eshakti. All selections and opinions are my own. As always, thank you for supporting the brands that make Len Parent possible.

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