Cougar: Waterproof Flip Sport Shoe

Cougar: Waterproof Flip Sport Shoe

We laugh, we cry, we make time fly. Best friends are we…my sisters and me.

It’s nice to be back!! Had a wonderful time with my family. David’s 1st birthday was a huge success!!! The picture above are my sisters… and we’re best of friends. We love to get together and talk, laugh and eat (we love to pig out), and do all sorts of things fun sisters do together. Oh, but we’re not all food, talk and laughter…we are also about caring , loving and looking out for each other. It is a comfort to know that there are persons in our lives who share our beautiful past (growing up) together, who share our successes, griefs, happiness together, who are committed to celebrate and journey through life. Sisters are blessings! I know too well. Mine surely are!

Guaranteed Waterproof – Designed in Canada

 From their new and trend inspired waterproof (yes, WATERPROOF) sneaker to their urban silhouette of a rain boot – fashion and ease never looked so simple. Cougar will protect you against whatever elements come your way because when the brand says waterproof, they mean it. Cougar will make you look good and feel great no matter what’s going on outside by combining fashion and function.

 I love how stylish this Cougar Flip Slip On is! A wardrobe staple with a sleek design and waterproof upgrade. What a truly comfortable, stylish shoe. It’s such a great color for summer. They are soft inside with reasonable support and a non slip rubber outsole, which is plus. I would caution that these shoes are narrow and I would not recommend to someone with a wider foot. I have not had issues with rubbing or blistering. I’m fond of the this style, it takes a pair of denim shorts to the next level. They definitely are eye-grabbing! Looks like I’ll need another pair.

 Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous week ahead!

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