REVIEW: CLARO Acne Treatment LED Light Therapy System from SPA SCIENCE

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to new technology and so-called disruptors. But in terms of skincare and beauty, I’d like all of the advancements, and I’d like them now, please. I’d seen facial LED light therapy system before, as well as heard about the benefits of light therapy for skin. But could it really work wonders on my own problematic skin? Here’s a deeper dive into the science behind this trend, my own experience with it, and my overall LED light therapy review.


While you can undergo LED light therapy at a derm’s office or medspa, recently developed at-home LED light therapy have been cropping up on the market.  In today’s post I want to introduced you my new CLARO LED light therapy system from SPA SCIENCE  and AERO Advanced Skincare Infusion SystemWhile less potent than professional treatments, these LED light use the same technology to fight breakouts and signs of aging or most especially your ACNE problem. Always game to try the latest skincare treatments and trends, I had to get my hands on one, especially after learning more about their benefits.



I started my LED light therapy system trial a week before I got the package from the mail. I committed to use both the blue light therapy to destroys the acne causing bacteria and the red light fights inflammation and helps to prevent future breakouts. Two birds, one stone for the win. 

I am 35+ with oily-combination skin. While I am getting older, my skin shows dullness and dark spots not to mention acne once in awhile. I decided to give this a try the new CLARO Acne Treatment LED Light Therapy System from SPA SCIENCE since it is FDA approved medical device and clinically proven to treat mild to moderate acne. CLARO is a fast, easy, safe and effective way to regain skin clarity and radiance. 


Kills acne related bacteria present in both mild and moderate inflammatory breakouts without the negative side-effects of topical or oral medications. Safe, effective, painless and chemical-free. The wavelength of the CLARO’s blue light is 405-420nm.


During my LED trial, it happened to have a Visia Skin Analysis machine in my husband’s office and luckily, I was able to empirically track my results at 2-week marks:

Acne reduced from 62 to 50

Breakouts reduced from 120 to 106

As for my own observations? I notice a handful of welcome changes. My skin definitely feels bouncier, which I consider a mega win as I incorporate less acne products into my routine. My breakouts has lightened up, and I’ve also had fewer inflammatory flare-ups—albeit contingent upon my diet and other lifestyle factors. But in sum, my LED light therapy from CLARO review is a positive one.


I’m still on a journey for my skin to be as clear as day. However, it was validating to have quantifiably positive results at the end of the recommended 2-week period or much better even longer. And I’ll definitely continue using the Claro LED light therapy system to maintain these benefits. Overall, I’d recommend the LED light therapy if you have acne problem or to anyone who’s consistent and patient with their skincare routine looking to up-level (yet not necessarily replace) their topical and supplement regimen. I couldn’t wait to see more improvement on my skin in the future. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by SPA SCIENCE . The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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