Baby wearing made easy with the Lalabu Soothe Shirt

Baby wearing made easy with the Lalabu Soothe Shirt

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Are you a Mom to a baby or a soon-to-be-momma?  If so, you’ll want to read today’s post about the Lalabu Soothe Shirt! While I was pregnant, a company called Lalabu sent me a Soothe Shirt to review. As a busy momma to two older boy and girl, I knew this shirt would be really helpful. I worn the Soothe Shirt around the house, on walks, at the grocery store, and the park. It is really a nice baby wearing option! There’s also a head support that flips up to hold your baby’s head while they sleep and easily tucks back into the pouch when not in use. Since my son is 4 months old and over 12 lbs now, the head support isn’t large enough to cover and hold his head close to me. I simply place one hand or arm around the back of his head, and often find my other arm wrapped around him as well whenever it’s free. I wouldn’t compare this Soothe Shirt to a wrap or baby carrier. Instead, this innovative product deserves it’s own category. It’s a shirt that soothes baby inside a kangaroo-like pouch and provides easy nursing access. It’s brilliant! You can also continue to use it the entire time you breastfeed. In my opinion, the only disadvantage to this shirt is that my baby will grow out of it soon. I won’t be able to use it for very long.

Features of the Soothe Shirt

* Built-in nursing bra for convenient breastfeeding / Easy to use pouch calms newborns / Soft, wrinkle free fabric / Perfect for all seasons — stylish enough to wear alone, light enough to wear under layers /  Made in the USA  

At Lalabu, they believe in “simple babying”. Their Soothe Shirt is just that… a stylish tank top for mom equipped with a cozy and secure pouch for baby and built in nursing bra. You can also dress it up or down, wear it alone or layered under a cute cardigan or coat, but most importantly it’s ready to use within seconds then you can enjoy kissing your baby atop his or her head while you ( and baby) continue on. My son David goes from fussy to calm within seconds of placing him inside. He gets that intimate swaddle right up against me that he and I love. Something I love about the company, Lalabu, is they are very giving. 1$ of every sale goes to support women in Africa. Also, once a week their employees work for a local women’s shelter rather than on Lalabu. That is why their vision is, ” We work for new lives.” Isn’t that so AWESOME?!

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