Fitness & Health + Albion Fit

Fitness & Health + Albion Fit

ALBION FIT Antigua Here and There Zip-Up / ALBION FIT Antigua Sprinter Shorts / Nike Air Zoom Ultra Womens Running Shoes (no longer available) similar style (here)

One of my New Year’s resolution this year is, of course to get healthy and stay fit. To be frank, I do not enjoy being in a gym at all. I would always find an excuse not to go. My work out routine always changes and there is no ‘set’ way. I choose on what exercises to do depending on how my body feels that day. But here are a few things I always enjoy doing! I love to take my boys for a run or a long walk, usually in the early mornings after I sent my daughter to School because I find the weather cool at this time and feel refreshed all day. This is a time I cherish as I reflect on life and have space on my own. I also enjoy having long walks on the beach, when I can. At home I regularly use my own New Sole E25 Elliptical machine and feel much more energized, happier and healthier after a workout. The more I sweat, the better. I also find after doing regular workouts my skin feels and looks clearer.  I start my workout by doing some stretches to release muscle tension, and start elevating my heart rate in preparation for exercise and to prevent any injuries.

I used to work out in whatever old schlumpy clothes I had laying around. But as I got more serious about working out, I began investing in more stylish and practical workout gear. This gear from Albion Fit makes me feel like a million bucks– not only is it adorable, but it’s made of a really nice material that’s not going to pill after one wash. This floral Antigua Here and There Zip-Up jacket features light-weight performance fabric that wicks sweat away, along with artfully placed mesh inserts for extra breathability, and the sprinter shorts are so soft that I would probably wear them everyday if I could. Having the right gear definitely makes a difference in your attitude and motivation. It’s like anything else– if you invest in it, you will be more motivated to actually do the activity and be consistent with it. It also tells your subconscious that you’re taking your workouts seriously, and soon you’ll find that you DO take it more seriously. Proper workout gear isn’t just cute. It actually serves an important purpose. You want to exercise in material that is breathable and moisture-wicking, and if you exercise outside during cold weather, you need cold weather exercise gear. Of course, proper shoes are a must as well. For inside the house and for running outside in mild temperatures, I’m a huge fan of Albion Fit. They have awesome selections of workout clothing. You can visit their website at

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I believe that working out should be part of an individual’s daily routine. The older I get, the more I realize how crucial it is to staying youthful and strong. I hope this post has inspired and given you helpful tips to continue on working out whilst having fun with it. 

What do you do to stay healthy, fit & happy? 

 This post is sponsored by Albion Fit. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make Len Parent possible.

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