So as a blogger I am in the fortunate position that not only was I kindly gifted a gorgeous selection of Tom Ford make up to try. Without this I’m not sure I’d have ever made the plunge to actually purchase something from the make up collection (though a lipstick has always been on my Christmas list) and never would have discovered the perfect eyeliner and the most gorgeous shade of bronze.

I’m basically here to tell you why it is worth the investment and why I will be re purchasing some of the products!


This was 100% at the top of my list of Tom Ford beauty wants. The packaging is gorgeous and as a blogger I’m drawn to anything aesthetically pleasing. Yes I do choose style over substance but it’s my job so I get way with it. So not only will this look beautiful on your make up stand (if you put this beauty in a drawer you don’t deserve it) but it also gives the most perfect and natural highlight & contour.

The highlight in particular is worth it’s weight in gold. Don’t get me wrong I love a highlight as much as the next girl, but the more I see the highlight trend grow the more the highlights themselves seem to intensify. Basically it’s impossible to find one that isn’t visible from space nowadays and I’m a beauty novice, I’m not ready for that kind of highlight. This one is almost like a balm, it’s clear and just gives the most gorgeous glow that is so natural but definitely there. I honestly have never found such a perfect highlight!

Tom Ford is one of my favorite luxury beauty brands, but I haven’t talked much about it on the blog as it was previously difficult to purchase to Finland. Now we have a gorgeous big Tom Ford counter at Macy’s dept store and also available on the website.


I didn’t use this for a while because it’s just so pretty. Then I used it and realized it’s insane and decided to keep it “for best”. Then I gave in and now I’m half a pan down and loving life in the perfect warm shade of bronze. Do you know what surprises me about this though? It’s got glitter in it. Well not glitter, but sparkles. And I like it? It’s so odd because normally I steer well clear of anything like this but it’s so subtle like the highlight and just gives a lovely all over glow!


This is my hero product from the range. If I had to pick just one then I would 100% pick this because me, a winged liner novice who’s points resembled that of a rusty nail now has perfect flicks. Yes, it’s true, you can do it too! There are 2 ends, a shorter nib and a longer one so you can pick which one suits you best. I prefer the longer nib which allows me to do my liner in 1 swoop of the hand. Another thing that has to be mentioned is that it hasn’t dried up at all. I’ve been using this for a good few months now and unlike any other felt tip liners it’s stayed black as the night and full of ink with daily use . . sometimes even twice daily because sometimes I like to be extra.

Have you tried Tom Ford make up before? I would love to hear your thoughts on any products you think I need to try!


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