9 Things that Can Block Your Path to Wellness

Your path to wellness isn’t always easy, but it’s a journey that matters in life. Even one step can make a big difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Yet there are some things that can block your path, from doing too much work to not helping others. Here are a few.

Overthinking Everything

It’s often hard to separate national thoughts and ideas from bad ones and express them. Some of us have overactive minds and tend to overthink everything. Often, we try to visualize the different options and miss the opportunities that are right in front of us. This overwhelms us to the point where we may even need treatment for anxiety and stress. This can often be made worse by trying to do what social media or another influence tells us against our inner desires.

Your Path to Wellness is Blocked by Work

The work-life balance is crucial to a fulfilling life. Of course, you have to work to make money for a living, but you’re not your job, and your job isn’t your life. From the lowest rung of the ladder to the highest executive office, too much work can prevent you from becoming well. Sure, you may

have more money, but what good is it when you don’t have the time to enjoy the meaningful things in life? This can also begin to beget itself to the point where you end up burned out.

Too Much Stress, Of Course

Stress is often called the silent killer because it affects all your internal organs, such as your heart, causing premature heart attacks. Yet even today, more than half of us don’t spend time doing activities that can de-stress us. But just fifteen minutes per day can work wonders for lowering blood pressure and your heart rate. Some popular activities include meditation, yoga, tai chi, and just sitting and reading or listening to a book. Slow down and take some time.

Not Using Money Well

Money worries are among the biggest causes of stress in life. But even when you are earning, you can still misuse money. You may spend beyond your means, which is a major issue. But even being sensible with money by putting it in pensions and savings can cause problems. It could be the case you are putting away too much money by overthinking the future. This means you aren’t spending money on yourself for the things you need and a better quality of life.

Toxic People in Your Life

Almost all of us have toxic people in our lives, and just one can ruin it. This can be a colleague, a so-called friend, or a partner. It could even be a family member. Whoever it is, you won’t get well by being around these people a lot. It can be hard, but here’s how to reduce the toxicity:

*Talk to the toxic person and let them know how you feel about the way they treat you.

*Take some time away from that person and note how your life gets better.

*Speak to them about physical and emotional boundaries they cannot cross.

*Don’t let them pull you into their negative drama and make you feel guilty about it.

*List the positive people in your life and make efforts to be around them more.

*Talk to someone else about the issue and seek guidance and support from them.

*You don’t need to forget bad things they have done, but it helps to forgive.

Abusive relationships are everywhere. They can be domestic, marital, and work-based. But you are not there to be someone else’s emotional punching bag. Distance yourself, and you will see how much better your life becomes. It helps to change your number and stay off social media.

Poor Quality Self Care

The importance of self-care cannot be understated. From daily hygiene to health and fitness routines, you must look after yourself. Begin by developing a morning routine that works for you, and stick to it. For example, get up, brush your teeth, and shower every morning. Making yourself look good with a new wardrobe also helps with confidence, and you can stay energized by eating more protein and less carbs. But also remember to take some time for yourself.

No Time for Hobbies

Further to taking time for yourself, you need to do the things you enjoy. Hobbies are an excellent way to escape the daily grind and just forget about your troubles for a little while. Popular hobbies include art and photography, observing nature and fishing, and crafting. Of course, the list is pretty much endless, and you may even get your kicks from punishing yourself with a grueling run. In short, just do what it takes to get you through for enjoying life a little more.

Help Others on Your Path to Wellness

Having a lot of money doesn’t bring happiness, and there are many wealthy people that experience stress and anxiety just like everyone else. It is often never about money. But what makes a difference in your life is making a difference in the lives of others. Of course, having a lot of extra money means you can give generously. But there are many other ways you can help. Time is always valuable, and volunteering makes a world of difference to everybody.

Feeling Powerless in Situations

In work and life, you can find yourself in situations that you can’t control. This can happen because of a lack of skills, confidence, respect, or all three. And this has a massive impact in allowing you to truly be yourself and flourish in life. However, you will find that addressing one or all of the things mentioned above leads to better empowerment in your life with great results. Then you can take control, set your goals and get to where you really want yourself to be.


Becoming stressed and anxious by overthinking things will block your path to wellness in life. You may also be dragged down by the toxic people in your life, leading to poor self-care and lowered self-esteem. Addressing these issues and working on them can boost empowerment.


Len Parent

“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.” —Alicia Keys

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