How to Elevate Your Hair Care Routine to Another Level

How to Elevate Your Hair Care Routine to Another Level

Are you looking to enhance your hair’s health? Well, having gorgeous and healthy hair depends on having the correct hair care routine. If you’re like many people in today’s world, your hair care routine is probably not as comprehensive as it should be. You might not have the time to spend on skincare and maintenance, let alone find the time for more complex treatments.

Here are a few easy and no-stress ways to elevate your hair care routine.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

Washing your hair too frequently can contribute to dry and damaged hair. If you’re washing your hair daily, you’re stripping your hair and scalp of its natural oils and damaging the fibers of your strands. So, try to wash it 2-3 times per week or even less if you can. If you need to freshen up between washes, try using a dry shampoo.

Use a Hydrating Mask Once a Week

Another great way to step up your haircare game is to use a hydrating mask once a week. Nourishing masks, like the Blue Lagoon hydrating hair mask, help restore moisture and nourish your hair from the root to the tip. This is a great treatment to give your hair at least once a week or when it’s feeling particularly dry.

Apply an Oil Treatment to the Scalp

If your hair needs revitalization, applying oil treatment to the scalp can do wonders. The oil treatment will seep through your hair and give it a relaxing, hydrated feeling.

Wear a Hat Outside, especially During the Summer

To keep your hair looking beautiful, wearing a hat whilst out and about is important as it can protect your hair from the harmful UV rays, that can cause damage in the long run. It’s also good to protect your hair from the cold, windy weather during the winter.

Avoid Very Hot Showers

Washing your hair in hot water can damage it. Hot water can cause the cuticles of your hair to open up and form a cuticle gap, which is a natural part of the hair structure. Try turning the temperature down a notch, you will see a difference, also in shine.

Use a Microfiber Towel to Pat Dry

It can be good for your hair, especially if you have damaged, brittle or frizzy hair. The microfiber towel will help you get smooth and shiny hair by gently moving along your scalp and is not as aggressive is a normal towel.

Use a Wet Brush to Detangle

A wet brush can be really useful for detangling your hair without pulling and tugging that can cause lots of breakage. The brush’s bristles will gently glide along with your hair without dong and damage. It is a great way to keep your hair healthy as your hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

If you have a steady hand or have someone you trust that can do it for you, use a pair of scissors to trim the ends of your hair. This will promote growth and strength. If you have difficulty doing so, you can always visit your hair stylist for a professional job.

Every person’s hair routine is different, which means it is important to have your own routine and know what works for you. So, what are your tips for hair care and routines? Please share with us in the comment section.


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