It’s the Space Needle, in San Antonio. Tower of the Americas takes you 750 feet above San Antonio for a birds eye view of the city. I’ve seen two or three of these in various parts of the world, and they’re never all that exciting. Somehow, it’s larger than the Space Needle, but gets much less pub. It was made for the 1968 World’s Fair, and it was probably much more impressive then. It’s a must see, but don’t spend too much time there. Just go up, get a quick shot of the scenery, and move on to more interesting adventures.





And they some some important historical sites….like the bridge that Jennifer Lopez sang on in the movie, “Selena”. This is a great tour to take the entire family on.  It is a wonderfully relaxing way to learn more about this historical city.  Plus it is a fun way to see all of the gorgeous river walk.



 When you think of San Antonio, two things automatically come to mind: the Alamo and the River Walk. This was a quick, 45 minute, tour of the river walk. Our guide was knowledgeable,entertaining, and funny. If you are not sure what part of the River Walk you want to try first or not sure where you want to go, do the Cruise first as this will give you an idea of where things are at on the River walk and a small history lesson at the same time. Since we had never been to the River walk, doing this cruise gave us an idea of where we wanted to be and what we were looking for. You can be 24 hour passes if you are going to be there more than 1 day..or our can just get a 1 time pass. The cruise does stop at 9:00 PM. Good value and worth it.



 All that strolling along the San Antonio River Walk is sure to leave you hungry: Pull up a seat at these River Walk restaurants, offering everything from hearty pub grub to classic American dishes. 

We stopped for 45 minutes while driving through one of the massive orchards ( ORANGE GROVE), which was all you could see on either side of the road. We picked fresh oranges which BTW, best orange I’ve ever had!. At the fruit stand we bought 2 huge watermelons, pineapple, cantaloupe and 2 big bottles of pure vanilla syrup that made in Mexico. All for 28 dollars. I can’t believe it! So shocked to see how cheap it was! & oh btw, I had so much fun picking that I forget to snap some pictures of the kids running around & picking oranges. Oh well ..

WE WILL DEFINITELY BE RETURNING.  Until then, San Antonio! ♥ 


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