Life with a 3 Month Old–Milestones, schedule, growth spurt and more

Adeline is 3 months old already! That’s just nuts. I still picture her as my little newborn peanut, but after looking back at her pictures from 2 months ago (reminiscing already? Lord help me on her wedding day), it’s clear to see she has grown so much. Besides just looking at her and her clothing size (which is typically 3-6 month), it is evident she is growing in her development. She smiles all the time… except when there is a camera is her face. Sigh… I wish she’d let me capture it! Instead, she usually gives me this face:

I blinked, and just like that we are already at the 3 month baby Adeline update! When I was pregnant, people would ask me if I’d be sharing updates about Adeline on the blog. I didn’t quite know the answer, but then I shared a little update when she was a 2 weeks old, and got asked to share more updates, and then I shared another update when she was 1 month old, and since I’ve gotten emails asking when the next update is, so here goes!

She’s growing so fast! Every other day I’m putting away clothes that don’t fit her anymore! I swear from one day to the next she outgrew the clothes she was wearing!  She babbles a lot and is loving all the funny noises she is learning to make. She laughs at herself a lot. Her hair is falling out and growing in at the same time. Except for the ‘party in the back’. It hasn’t fallen out at all, which leaves her with an awesome hairline. Hubbs calls her Friar Tuck.I don’t know how much she weighs, but I feel like she’s big! Maybe it’s just me, though, because she is still in size 1 diapers. She reaches and grasps things now, which is wonderful… except when it’s my hair- yowzers.

When some of us were little girls, we used to enjoy sneaking into our mothers’ closets and playing dress-up. Any baby girl out there was obsessed with being the mini version of her own mother. It is not just the little ones who love twinning with their moms, but it is also the moms who enjoy this the most. One of the coolest things about having a daughter is picking out clothes with her and wearing matchy-matchy outfits. Lemons anyone?? Haha!! 

Picture by: Aretherelilactrees 

I hope you loved reading this 3 month baby Adeline update! Over Father’s day weekend we went on a little roadtrip up to the Texas Hill country to meet Phil’s parents, it was really nice, and Adeline did awesome on her first road trip. I’m thinking for the next few years, road trips will be the way to go.

What are some of your road trip recommendations?


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