8 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids This Summer

Let’s face it—life is busy! Between work and life responsibilities, the days pass us by in the blink of an eye. Many parents worry that they don’t spend enough time with their children, wondering if this will lead to developmental delays. Some parents feel guilty about working full time, or experience anxiety about choosing to work out at the gym or go to dinner with friends. Social media posts from stay-at-home parents who are able to take their children to the local zoo or work on colors and the alphabet with them only add to this anxiety.

As parents , we can make choices to ensure time spent with our children is high-quality. Here are 8tips for busy families:


The family trip is a classic way to spend time, and it’s a good way to get out and see the world. Everyone should leave the phones and tablets at home, and you can plan a trip for everybody. Even if you just take a day trip to a historical site or see another town and what it has to offer, it’ll be a fun way to spend time together and make memories.

Unless you choose back-to-back weeks of summer camp, the kids will likely be home with you for some days in the summer. Check out everyday summer activities for kids to do while you work. Think about how to move toward those goals you’ve set on a daily basis as you plan the days. But have some fun together too.


 Cooking with kids has many positive benefits. Spend time together in the kitchen, make new memories, and eat something delicious as a result!


Growing your garden will inspire you to try new things, get more active, and spend more time outdoors. This process is extremely important for developing children and for busy adults alike.When you garden, it provides a wonderful way to relieve some stress and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. This is also a fantastic time to teach your children more about plant life and the natural world.

Use your gardening time as an educational tool that will show your children more about plant life, the earth, and how to care for other living things. It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your children to learn as much as you can about the world around you.

Camp in your Backyard
Who needs a campground when you have a backyard? Spend the night or weekend at your backyard campsite. After you’ve pitched the tent, sit around the fire (or grill) toasting marshmallows and stargazing.

Board When They Are Bored!

Rather than giving your child your phone or a tablet to play with, sit down and teach them how to play board games. It is an instant bonding and quickly becomes a family tradition. I’ve seen families that are a formidable force when it comes to a game like Scrabble, Monopoly and many others. This is perhaps the easiest way to bond with your children, playing with and pitting your wits against them against them. Fair warning, they’re often much wilier than they look and can beat you faster than you expect 

Learning New Skills

Master a new craft or hobby. Spend your summer immersed in a new hobby. Potential hobbies include: Crocheting, sewing, or knitting, Fixing up an old car or bike, Cooking or baking, Painting nail art, Dog training, Piano.

Ask them how was your day?

No matter how tired or stressed you are, or how bad work was, your child has no idea. For them, all they know is that their mom and dad are back home and they can’t wait to tell them about everything that happened. So, give your kids a chance to share ask them about their day and what made them happy, and tell them what made you happy as well.

There are many ways in which parents can spend quality time and bond with their kids. All it takes is some commitment and some great ideas! Meaningful connections are about quality of time, not quantity of time. Keep it simple and connect with your child in ways that make sense for your lifestyle and relationship. Each connection has a lasting impact and provides the support and reassurance that your child needs. 


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