My Hair Care Routine with KeraHealth: Tips & Secrets

If I had a nickel for how many times people asked me what my “haircare secrets” are… The amount of compliments I receive about my hair daily makes me want to just collapse in a puddle of tears because it’s just so dang sweet. IT’S JUST SO SWEET, Y’ALL!

But lemme tell ya… my hair hasn’t always been healthy and gorgeous! That’s why I wanted to share an entire blog post on my hair care routine — how I take care of it and what products I use to keep it healthy, shiny and happy! Let’s get into the goodness!

Today’s test is a product known as Kera Health. The KH team kindly sent me enough product to consume for a month. The kit consists of a shampoo, conditioner, scalp massager and supplements. I fell in-love immediately with their shampoo and conditioner. So far, they are the lightest products I’ve tested on my hair. The scent is silently floral. The texture is like that of any other conditioner or shampoo you’ve had. The massager is pretty much like any other in the market, using logo and its unique lime, metallic look as its differentiator. If you haven’t tried one of these, BTW, they’re great for cleaning your scalp and feel MUCH nicer than using your fingers.

My New Go-To Hair Care Products 


Take a supplement

Have you ever noticed so many social influencers pose on Instagram with a bottle of hair vitamins or gummies in hand? If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering if these supplements actually work. Can I really get long, flowing locks with a simple daily supplement? The answer is surprisingly… yes. 

 I was so excited to see if I could see a change in my hair. I have been using this supplement for a month and I have noticed a difference in my hair. Supplements can be very helpful in boosting levels of vitamins and minerals available to your follicles. But, they must be taken alongside a healthy diet for full benefit.

After a ton of research about hair supplements, I decided to give supplements a try. While there are so many products on the market, I wanted to make sure I found the right product for my hair. Since hair health was my number one priority, I looked for a product that was all-natural, FDA certified and contained more benefits than simply biotin. KeraHealth supplements topped my list, so I decided to give these vitamins for hair growth and health a try!

Unlike so many products on the market, KeraHealth’s all-natural ingredients and patented KerCysteine ingredients are drug-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, trans fat-free, lactose-free, and with vegan capsules. KeraHealth ingredients are from France and manufactured in the U.S. in an FDA certified facility. Since the products use naturally sourced ingredients, I felt confident trying them twice a day. The supplements contain clinically tested ingredients that promote glowing skin, hair growth to existing hair follicles, significantly reduce hair loss, promote nail growth, and hair luminosity/brightness.

How I Take Care of My Hair

As far as washing is concerned, I usually wash my hair every two to three days. I used to wash my hair everyday, but it’s a lot of work for me and I’ve heard some say that it’s better to go as many days as possible without washing. My hair holds curl really well so I like to make the curl last as long as possible!

Diet — You need to make sure you’re eating a healthy diet to help your hair loss. Severe dieting puts stress on your hair. Try to eat better and use Kera health before you try more drastic measures like hair plants or laser therapy.

Protein —Protein is a wonderful source of iron. Iron deficiencies are very common causes of hair loss.

Iron — If you’re meeting your iron RDA, increasing your intake probably won’t make a big difference. But if blood tests show that you’re deficient, adding more iron to your diet may lead to a change for the better.

Healthy fats and antioxidants — Research has shown that women who took a nutritional supplement containing a mix of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and antioxidants including vitamins E, C and lycopene, more than 87 percent reported having more hair on their heads and more than 86 percent said their individual strands became thicker at the sixth-month mark.

 Probiotics– Inflammation can interfere with normal hair growth, and there’s some research with animals suggesting that controlling inflammation by feeding your gut the right foods can counteract those damaging effects. Try to let your hair dry naturally as often as possible and when you do use styling tools, make sure to use a heat-protecting spray that will lessen the damage the tools are inflicting on your hair. Lastly, give your scalp a wonderful massage to stimulate hair growth! Trust me it’s good for you and your hair!

A biggg tip I have for taking care of your hair is to avoid putting it in a tight ponytail all the time! When we ladies put our hair up in a tight pony tail often, it can cause our hair to break from being too tight. It’s not bad to put it up every once and awhile, just don’t do it all the time. It’ll save your hair from breaking and from getting strange bald patches at your hairline!

As far as trimming goes, I recommend that you get your hair trimmed at least every three months! I go in every 2 1/2 – 3 months to cut off all the split ends and dead hair. During that time, I also get my layers redone and sometimes I get it thinned. Trimming just overall helps stimulate healthy growth and keeps your hair looking healthy and beautiful — versus straggly dead ends!

The last part of my routine is to put your hair in a loose braid or loose bun when you sleep. Also, I’ve heard great things about silk pillowcases, but I’ll need to do some more research on that! I’ve found that when I put my hair in a braid at night, it a) keeps the hair out of my face and b) contains it so it doesn’t break or get pulled on! Always use a scrunchie — they’re so gentle on your hair!

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While this post was sponsored by KeraHealth, the opinions expressed are my own.

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