Health & Harmony Skincare Products

Health & Harmony Skincare Products

Every single product that you apply to your skin is absorbed into the body. Feed your skin and body only the best ingredients, like coconut oil, orange peel oil, vanilla bean extract, and shea butter.  Studies have shown the average woman nearly 12 products in her morning routine, which can contain hundreds of chemicals. By choosing organic options instead, women can save their skin from dozens of irritating ingredients and toxins. It can be easy to oversee the impact of beauty products on the environment, but when you wash your hair or your face with toxic products, they can affect your water supply and local ecosystems.. Help minimize your eco-footprint by choosing organic and safe products! Making the conscious decision to use only products that are natural and safe is important to achieve a completely healthy lifestyle.

Each of the Health & Harmony skincare products contain cold pressed, unrefined, and organic virgin coconut oil which uses NO solvents during extraction.

Coconut and Lime Shower Gel 16oz:  I love natural  skin care products for my face and body. I’ve been trying to find a body wash that wouldn’t leave me itchy like the commercial body washes I tried and tried a lot. So when Health & Harmony asked me to try their products ” why not try?”. I love the Coconut and Lime Shower Gel. It feels great, it smells great, and it’s perfect for a bedtime shower. Love this scent it’s my all time favorite. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. From the very first time I used their Shower gel – no itchiness and no need to use lotion after I dry off. I am happy camper and will continue to use Heath & Harmony skincare products. For those who have very sensitive, dry, itchy skin like me, I very highly recommended H&H shower gel.

Coconut and Lime Hand Cream 8oz: I love this HAND CREAM!!!!! This is my favorite hand cream to keep in my purse. I don’t generally use scented hand cream but I make an exception fore this one. Instead of a fake, overpowering, perfumey smell, this coconut hand cream has a light, natural scent. It moisturizes without being greasy and absorbs quickly. Excellent product at the right price.


Coconut and Lime Body Lotion 16oz / Coconut and Lime Hand Cream 8oz Coconut and Lime Shower Gel 16oz Virgin Coconut Oil Hair and Scalp Spray 8oz

Coconut and Lime Body Lotion 16oz: This is a fabulous lotion. It’s very moisturizing, without a greasy feeling, and I found it to be very kind to sensitive skin, like I have. The fragrance is a light coconut and smells wonderful. I used it on my hands right away just to try it out. I feel in love immediately. I have been putting the lotion on my arms and legs before bed and my winter dry skin is now soft and doesn’t itch at all. It has even softened my cuticles so I haven’t had hangnails on my fingers. You also don’t have to use a great amount. A little goes a long way so it will last quite a while. I love this lotion and I use it morning and night. I would definitely recommend this product.

Coconut and Lime Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Spray 8oz: This product is amazing, I did get the wow effect the first use. This is truly is a great hair spray that leaves your hair with just like it says a super shine. I find you don’t need much to achieve the results a little to much could leave your hair looking greasy. The shine lasted all day and also tamed my frizz down dramatically, and left my hair super soft. 

Have any of you tried the Health & Harmony before? What products are your favorites? 

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