Kindergarten here we come!

Kindergarten here we come!

 She said goodbye to her best friend Rheane (aka Chuchay) yesterday that moving to Florida today.While the prospect of graduating is exciting, saying goodbye to your friends definitely is not. 🙁

I now am the momma of a Kindergartner. How in the world did that happen?? Tabitha graduated from preschool yesterday. Her and her classmates have been working very hard over the last month to prepare for their graduation ceremony. She would wander around the house practicing the songs and verses they were going to perform.  You could tell that she was really proud of herself and her friends. And rightly so. They’ve all come along way and learned a lot. I’m not sure the kids realize the significance of this day and their graduation. Next year, they will be off to new schools in different parts of the neighborhood. To them, it was a big party and a chance to have cake and ice cream before lunch. But, it was bittersweet for me as I remembered my goodbyes and transitions to new schools and places. Plus, I’m not sure if I’m ready for my kids to grow up. 

Each one a part of the process of releasing a child to fly, lead, and grow. Don’t miss the moments each day. let the wind blow on your cheek as the sun slips beyond the horizon. Read a book, sing a song. Let your boy dazzle you with his charm or your girl snuggle in your arms. Shed a tear, laugh out love, and kiss a cheek. 











_MG_1324 Times where the best words are, “I’m proud of you.” I’m reminded to not rush these days on or to close my eyes to what is ahead. Each child God gives us is one to be fully seen and known. They are kings and queens in the making, not for our glory, but for His.


_MG_1335 Kindergarten here we come. We know we’ll have lots of fun. Lots of things to make and do. Reading writing counting too. Kindergarten here we come. We know we’ll have lots of fun.








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