Made by EverJune Bath Pour & Body Polish Review

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Hey All! I have recently discovered an exciting product from , and there’s a lot to love about it. The (Cherry Blossom Festival Whipped Soap Souffle $20 ) is one body scrub you can’t ignore. Ever since my friend Will Holmes-Hill (the owner/ follow his IG handle @will-powerrr) showing it in my IG inbox. I knew I have to check it out as soon as possible, simply because I had a feeling that it’s gonna be great. Well, true to my hunch, this new body soup is really high-quality. I know I had blogged about pricey body scrubs before, but this product from Made by EverJune cannot be underestimated, and it’s a force to be reckoned with. I also love this Softening Body Polish called French Quarter. Boy, it smells SOOOO GOOD! This Body Polish is scented like a flower cart with roses, magnolia, gardenia, tuberose and iris blossom. I would highly recommend them trust me, you won’t regret it! This body polish won’t dry your skin, instead, it leaves an invigorating feeling that makes the skin supple and ready for any kind of body lotion or moisturizer.

The  Cherry Blossom Festival Whipped Soap Souffle literally smells like cherry and all its indulgence. Using this particular soap feels really nourishing and relaxing on the skin and you’re gonna feel like Cleopatra every time you shower with it.


First of all, Yellowstone Body Pour from is super affordable and you can find it at Etsy. (HERE). Second, the scrub comes in a glass, so it’ll last for several washes. Third, its formula is whipped, lightweight, and really gritty, which means you’re really getting a good thorough scrub with it. Fourth, the Bath Pour body scrub comes in 13 scents or ingredients and I bet they all smell divine.

If you are seeking an affordable body scrub or body soap to reveal soft, smooth and ready-for-summer skin, then the new range of delectably scented, and highly effective, Made by EverJune skincare products are absolute must-haves. I think they did a very good job with these body scrubs and soap. They feel like high-quality and I think they could pretty much compete with most high-end body scrubs out there, especially when knowing that each of the scrubs is really affordable and available at Etsy. Personally, I love these Body Polishes so much that I’ll make sure there will be at least one in my shower caddy all the time. Use the code LEN10 for discount. 

Have you tried these already? If you haven’t, you really should.


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