Christmas brings family and friends together; it helps us appreciate the love in our lives we can often take for granted. May the true meaning of holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings. 

I love Christmas because it is truly a season of GIVING and we give more time and attention to express gratitude for all our blessings. From November 1st until into New Year- I’m all joy and light and sparkle all the freaking time, y’all. I love Thanksgiving, I love Christmas. I love New Year’s. I love all the holidays cheer in between. So it should come to no surprise to any of you that I’ve already got my holiday card squared! Here’s our family photos and I’m happy it all turned out great! 




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Clearly, my kids are 99.9% of the reason that this image is so adorable but, in case yours aren’t as cuteeeee (wink), here’s a couple of tips to help you get that great shot. First, use natural light — the best place for nearly everyone to snag that gorgeous soft light is the golden hour at the park. Next, dress your people in neutrals with pops of color. For example, my kids wore soft blue and greys but with bright red. Finally, lower your expectations of THE PERFECT PICTURE– it’s not gonna happen. Instead of posting your kids and asking them to smile and look at the camera , have them DO something like hold hands, jump, or KISS. It will make for a more natural looking photo. 









Even when it gets busy, the spirit of the holidays makes it so that we are willing to prioritize time together and making memories. It is one of the few times we honor and appreciate our family traditions. This coming Christmas, we get to spend time with everyone, from all sides, catching up, having fun and taking part in any (and all) longtime family traditions. 

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I am wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2018.


Random Photos: New York City Family Vacation 2016!



You will need to bear with me. This is going to be one long post. But you see, it is my family vacation. I looove my family sooo much. And I cannot help myself. I want to show you everything ( I mean not everything haha). We decided to walk across the bridge so we don’t miss anything. Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges of the United States and was opened for use on May 24,1883. Apparently the people of Brooklyn didn’t trust in the bridge so it is told that a circus had to have their elephant cross it first to prove it is strong enough. On the pedestrian walkway you can find lots of people: bicyclist, joggers and obviously tourist. Well, anybody who visits the most beautiful city in the world has to see this place in my opinion. We took some more photos from Dumbo, Brooklyn NYC and finished the afternoon with a nice walk at Manhattan Skyline. The view from Manhattan Skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge is not really bad, is it?

Tabitha & Joshua with Aunty Tine & Tito Ron at Manhattan Skyline.


(Picture above: My sister & her hubby Ron)
The main hall is MAGNIFICENT. Large arched windows at either end allow light to stream onto the marble floors. Two stairways at opposite ends of the concourse lead to the mezzanine level where large chandeliers hang. The central information point with its famous four sided clock, has become everyone’s meeting point as they arrive or depart on the trains. Some of the beautiful old ticket booths are closed. A large American flag hangs high over the hall as it has since 9/11 and remains to this day. Millions of people have passed through these building’s halls on their way to catch a train, eat at one of the famous restaurants or just ogle at the amazing architecture. 

My two sisters with my brother in -laws ( Ron & Kuya Ronald) & my Mom & Dad. (Of coarse I took the picture)


Oh excuse our sleepy faces. We got here at almost midnight. We were all tired. NYC, a city forever in flux, is impossible to “see” in one visit. You just have to resign yourself to that fact, unless you move here( and maybe not even then), you’ll only barely scratch the surface! Let’s talk about Times Square. No matter when you go to Time Square, it will be packed with people ( usually other tourist). There are pedestrian areas where you can sit and hang out. If you aren’t shopping or eating or seeing a show, there isn’t much to do in the area ( and no New Yorker hangs out there), but it’s still a fabulous place to people-watch for a few minutes from the top of the red steps of the TKTS kiosk. 


It’s easy to forget that you’re in a crowded city while walking through this spectacular park! New Yorkers needed a place to get a breath of fresh air, and Central Park, with its 843 acres of meadows, lawns, ponds, lakes and more, was the solution. I spent hours just wandering around when I was in New York last year and I had no idea how much I actually missed out on seeing. So I’ve suggested two different 2 hours walks so you can experience most of the park. If you want to find out what out what is happening in Central Park or book a tour ( walking, carriage, pedicab or bike) just check out this website,

(iPhone 6s shot) – Me and my sisters & my daughter Tabitha with Wendy Nguyen ( at Central Park.

 This photo was taken at Central Park. I just want to show you guys my sister’s wedding dress. STUNNING, isn’t it? Ok, let me tell you just a little about this dress. Each piece of lace and beads was carefully selected and then placed on the dress. This dress was designed to be all about texture, whimsy, organic. It was a series of fittings, tweaking, adjusting, and some more… until PERFECTION. The entire process was so Tine ( my sister). Absolutely fabulous! 
 Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend ahead!



Our Family of FIVE!

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We recently had family portraits taken and I LOVE how they turned out!  So today I’m sharing some of them with you. For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that originally I didn’t share pictures of my family. You only got to see my kids sometimes. My personal friends and family could see them on Facebook, but I didn’t share them publicly. So today I’ve been including pictures of my hubby and my three kids. I feel like those of you who read this blog are my friends. It felt weird not to share such a huge part of my life with you! 

There are tons of other great pictures too but I won’t bore you with any more. I’m so glad we did these photos! The kids were at a great age and cooperated really well. Of course we have lots of shots with people looking the wrong way or having funny expressions. But that’s so to be expected with any group photos! For me, I really wanted these family pictures because my hubby spend so much time being behind the camera. It is wonderful to actually be in pictures with our family. 

So today you get to officially “meet” my family! 

20160928-1x0a0301There is no supermom,really–that whole supermom who has everything together is just a fallacy. There are real moms. Real , authentic moms who admit that they don’t have it all together but keep on fighting. Scared and tired moms who keep fighting. Moms who are overwhelmed by keeping up with little’s all day long. Moms like you and me who sometimes feel lost in a world of outward accomplishments. Before I had my first born (my daughter), when I thought about motherhood, I thought of breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, and diapers. While those things are obviously a huge part of mothering, they are merely physical aspects. What took me by surprise is the way I feel when I just sit and stare at her playing across the room, or when I tell her ” Good job, sweetheart’ when she accomplishes yet another task she tried so hard to conquer. Being a mother is like taking your heart out of your chest and watching it walk around.

Motherhood has its challenges, but it also has its joys. I was so blessed to get these three right here. I’m feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, I love this family of mine so much I could cry. My kids saved me in their own way and they keep me on track, everything I do, I do for them. They are what keeps me going, the reason I work so hard, the reason I wake up everyday. I would be lost without this family of mine. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at my family! I know I’m excited to finally share them with you.


777Aren’t they the cutest kids ever?! OK, I’m a little biased… but this is my absolute favorite picture ever taken  of these three! 


20160928-1x0a0368Well, maybe this one’s close second44


Her and the Ukulele ♥

I took these photos as a reminder to appreciate all the joy in my life- BIG & small.  It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of our responsibilities as parents — you need to make sure they’re fed, they’re safe, their teeth are brushed, homework is done and at the same time you need to discipline them into good, caring people. And the list goes on.

My Tabitha. She makes her baby brother cry at least once a day ( still working on sharing her toys to Joshua). She will yell at you if you try to sit on her chair ( No Kidding! ). Yet, yet, yet … she is loving and sweetest daughter to Phil and I. She constantly tell us how much she loves us and her baby brother Joshua.  So much love in one little being. We are truly blessed to have her in our family. 

 As much as she is my model, she is also my role model and reminds me everyday that life is beautiful..


Top & Bottom: Gifted from Grammy Parent | Shoes: Red Moccasins c/o Freshly Picked | Bubble Gum Pink Guitar c/o DaisyRock


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